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The rave reviews just keep coming.

When we introduced the improved CHANNELLOCK® 9.5” 369 high leverage linemen’s plier earlier this summer, an independent lab verified it’s the best in the business. Then last month, a review from Tool Snob proved our linemen’s plier is the best in the neighborhood. Now the pros, the ones whose livelihoods depend on their equipment, have had their say.

Commercial electricians from Atlas Industrial Electric in Columbus, Ohio recently took the 369 for a spin while working on one of their largest contracts of the year. The state of Ohio hired Atlas to replace overhead electric lines with underground cabling at the Ohio Expo Center & State Fair, a job requiring miles of line, thousands of wire cuts and no room for error.

So what did they think of the improved CHANNELLOCK® 9.5” 369 high leverage linemen’s plier?

“I know CHANNELLOCK® quality is something you can depend on for years,” said Erick Rautio, an Atlas journeyman wireman. “This is one tool, that as an electrician, you’re going to have on you all the time so it’s got to be able to do the job.”

And get the job done it does. Thanks to the redesign that placed the rivet closer to the head, Rautio said it takes less force for him to cut through thick copper wire, something he’s been doing hundreds of times each day at the fairgrounds.

Other brands of linemen’s pliers may work, said Kendal Moton, an Atlas inside wireman, but the CHANNELLOCK® plier has a better grip and better quality.

“What I’ve heard it’s always been a tradition to work with CHANNELLOCK®,” Moton said. “You know we work hard and we sweat blue.”

To see a video of Atlas Electric evaluating the improved CHANNELLOCK® 9.5” 369 high leverage linemen’s plier, click the link below.

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