Senior Living Products

With age comes reduced mobility.  Seniors are often limited by their range of motion, and many times suffer from arthritis and other debilitating conditions that can make everyday living a chore.

Fortunately, Faucet Depot stocks a huge inventory of products that make it easier for seniors to maintain their independence and dignity for as long as possible while providing their own personal care.

We are proud to offer walk-in bath tubs from brands that you know and trust like American Standard and Clarke that take make taking a bath easier and safer for the elderly and those who are limited in their capacity to get into and out of a traditional tub.  These tubs allow for you or your senior loved one to soak in the tub without actually “getting down” into the tub – which can literally be a godsend for some folks. (What a great Christmas gift for mom, dad, or grandparents).  The walk-in tub reduces the worry that you have about you or your aging parent or grandparent falling in the tub – and the therapeutic benefits of a long soak on aching muscles is well documented.

You’ll also find a large selection of washlets by Toto and other top brands that will allow you or your elderly loved one to take care of their toileting needs and maintain better hygiene without needing a full bath.  And while you’re here, you should consider purchasing a couple of grab bars for the toilet area and for the bathtub area to make it easier for your senior to get up and down with ease.

Shop our entire selection of senior living products now – these products are destined to improve the quality of life that you or your lovedone enjoys – and buying these products from Faucet Depot can give you the confidence that you’re buying a great product at a fantastic price.

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