Bring the Outdoors In to Create a Nature-Inspired Home

From the soothing flow of a mountain stream to the majestic beauty of thousand-year-old rock formations, few things have the power to relax or inspire like Mother Nature. Now, as more homeowners seek to turn their homes into havens, those enchanting colors and rich textures of Earthy materials are moving indoors to become the inspiration for one of the hottest trends in home design.

Whether you want to create a peaceful refuge or just appreciate the simple beauty of natural materials, there’s no better place to showcase your style than in the kitchen or bathroom. The rich textures and serene colors of natural motifs provide the perfect backdrop for homes throughout the country, says Jeff Pratt, vice president of sales for Danze, a manufacturer of decorative plumbing products.

“Everyone needs a place to relax and ‘turn off’ the pressures of daily life. Today’s variety of nature-inspired materials makes it easier than ever to turn a utilitarian room into a luxurious hideaway,” Pratt says. “This trend is becoming especially popular in kitchen and bathroom design. From dramatic, stone vessel sinks to faucets and showerheads that emulate a tranquil river or rainfall, there are limitless opportunities to create a calming aura.”

If you’re looking to design a room with natural appeal, Pratt suggests these simple tips that draw their inspiration directly from the four elements.

Earth — Engage the senses and invite guest to explore their surroundings through the use of subdued colors and organic textures. Embrace the subtle imperfections of wood cabinets or stone tiles or countertops to bring an elegant but durable earthiness to your space. Colors from nature ranging from airy shades of sky blue to rich shades of cattail brown will bring warmth to the room, while accents of earth-inspired fabrics such as those that mimic the feel of woven wood or a sea grass rug add a sense of calm and simple functionality.

Water — Faucets and their finishes can dramatically impact the personality of a room. With the wide variety of styles and finishes there are countless options to complement natural materials. Look for faucets with organic-inspired shapes and soft finishes like distressed bronze or distressed nickel to add depth and warmth to the room. Pratt points to the Danze South Sea Collection as one example. Styled to look like they are fashioned from bamboo canes, each faucet delivers a clear, soothing column of water. The collection includes a variety of faucet and bath accessory styles to complete the setting.

If it’s literally a natural flow of water you’re seeking, check out the unique ribbon flow of the Sirius Collection from Danze. The flat shape of the spout permits the water to flow in a ribbon-like stream, adding a soothing touch to your natural environment.

Air — Well-placed casement windows can not only add a sense of spaciousness, they will also capture fresh air or guide gentle breezes. Try using windows to blur the line between outside and in. If you need window treatments for privacy, keep them simple so they won’t detract from the outdoor scenery and will blend with the color palate inside. Look for shades made of organic materials such as bamboo, or opt for sheer panels over heavy fabric drapes.

Fire — Nothing is more soothing or inviting than a room flooded with sunlight. Draw light in and warm your space by incorporating skylights or awning windows that direct light throughout the room without sacrificing privacy. If your room has no windows, recreate the feel of sunlight with multiple light fixtures matched to the finish of your faucets.

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70% of consumers prefer traditional or casual styling.

With numerous design options and the endless ability to customize, consumers express their personalities and sense of style through their home décor—from ornate and decorative spaces to ones which are minimalist with clean lines. Most of today’s consumers are seeking a traditional or casual look—perhaps to simplify life, reconnect with nature, or get back to one’s roots.

“The traditional style is an American mainstay, subtly evolving each year as it’s reinterpreted by new generations,” says Judd Lord, director, industrial design, Delta Faucet Company. “Today’s traditional movement is all about refined, sophisticated spaces in rich, luxurious hues like deep mochas, oil-rubbed bronzes, brushed nickels and weathered brasses and golds.”

“Creating a relaxing, Zen-like atmosphere is one of the biggest movements in the casual style today,” adds Lord. “Natural materials that feel good to the touch along with organically inspired objects help create the desired look in the space.”

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The Pro’s Opinion

The rave reviews just keep coming.

When we introduced the improved CHANNELLOCK® 9.5” 369 high leverage linemen’s plier earlier this summer, an independent lab verified it’s the best in the business. Then last month, a review from Tool Snob proved our linemen’s plier is the best in the neighborhood. Now the pros, the ones whose livelihoods depend on their equipment, have had their say.

Commercial electricians from Atlas Industrial Electric in Columbus, Ohio recently took the 369 for a spin while working on one of their largest contracts of the year. The state of Ohio hired Atlas to replace overhead electric lines with underground cabling at the Ohio Expo Center & State Fair, a job requiring miles of line, thousands of wire cuts and no room for error.

So what did they think of the improved CHANNELLOCK® 9.5” 369 high leverage linemen’s plier?

“I know CHANNELLOCK® quality is something you can depend on for years,” said Erick Rautio, an Atlas journeyman wireman. “This is one tool, that as an electrician, you’re going to have on you all the time so it’s got to be able to do the job.”

And get the job done it does. Thanks to the redesign that placed the rivet closer to the head, Rautio said it takes less force for him to cut through thick copper wire, something he’s been doing hundreds of times each day at the fairgrounds.

Other brands of linemen’s pliers may work, said Kendal Moton, an Atlas inside wireman, but the CHANNELLOCK® plier has a better grip and better quality.

“What I’ve heard it’s always been a tradition to work with CHANNELLOCK®,” Moton said. “You know we work hard and we sweat blue.”

To see a video of Atlas Electric evaluating the improved CHANNELLOCK® 9.5” 369 high leverage linemen’s plier, click the link below.

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Add Style And Safety In The Bath With New Securemont™ Grab Bar In Old World Bronze

According to the National Association of Home Builders’ Remodelers, the most frequent aging-in-place modification is adding grab bars (78 percent). However, discerning homeowners are not willing to sacrifice style when adding safety. Home Care™ by Moen® continues to provide a wealth of safety and style options, with its newest offering, a SecureMount™ Grab Bar in Old World Bronze Finish.

  • Add peace of mind — and elegant styling — with the SecureMount Grab Bar in Old World Bronze finish
  • Sleek design and popular finish coordinates with any décor
  • Constructed of rustproof, glass-filled polypropylene material to stand up to harsh bathroom environments
  • Available in the most popular grab bar length — 24 inches
  • Exceeds ADA requirements with a 300-pound pull-weight capacity
  • Non-slip grip feature provides added comfort
  • Can be installed with SecureMount Anchors for an easy, secure install — anywhere on the wall
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • SecureMount Grab Bars are affordably priced and available nationwide at select retail and home medical equipment suppliers

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Danze – Stylish Innovation for the Modern Kitchen

Homeowners tend to expect quite a bit from their kitchens.  The kitchen must be designed well and is required to function and perform like no other space within the home; after all, the kitchen is often considered the heart of the home.  Through the years, Danze has been the driving force behind innovation in the plumbing industry and has brought to market many stylish and innovating kitchen faucets that work hard to keep up with the American family.  Danze has done it again with their new take on the pull-out kitchen faucet with the release of the already popular Fairmont 3-Function Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet. 

The new Fairmont faucet is unique among its predecessors.  This is definitely not your mother’s pull-out.  With enhanced functionality, users of the new Fairmont faucet can select from three different functions, including stream, pause, or spray, with the simple push of a button that is found on the pull-out wand (ergonomically designed, of course).   Users particularly find the pause function to be a very handy alternative because it allows them to control and direct the water both in the sink and out of the sink, making it great for watering plants, filling stock pots, and so much more.  The wand can be pulled out a full 30” from the base – which makes it great for getting water where it needs to go!

Danze’s Fairmont Collection features the traditional American motif that homeowners have come to love throughout the years.  This new faucet is available in stainless steel or chrome finish, and Danze plans to offer it in additional finishes later on in 2010. 

According to Michael Wurth, Director of Design for Danze, “Convenience and function, seamlessly integrated with on-trend design themes, continue to drive our new product introductions for the kitchen. We’re thrilled that we could bring together this 3-function technology with our beautifully styled Fairmont design. The combination is sure to elevate any hard-working kitchen seeking a traditional decor.”

And like all faucets from Danze, the Fairmont is crafted using only the highest quality materials and components, like ceramic disc valves, to ensure durability and reliability for years to come.

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Cut Water Usage By Up To 30% with Danze Lavatory Faucets

Danze, one of the most trusted names among homeowners when it comes to high end plumbing, recently announced that it has earned the distinction of having the WaterSense label on most of its lavatory faucets.  Danze has recently started manufacturing its faucets to meet WaterSense standards of 1.5 gallons per minute.  A new Danze faucet can cut a homeowner’s water usage by as much as thirty percent, which not only reducing the monthly water bill but also allows the planet to breathe a bit easier by conserving a precious natural resource. 

The following Danze collections now bear the WaterSense label:

  • Antioch
  • Bannockburn
  • Brandywood
  • Como
  • Fairmont
  • Melrose
  • Opulence
  • Parma
  • Plymouth
  • Sable
  • Sheridan
  • Sonora


Vice president of marketing for Danze, Ed Detgen, recognizes the value of water as a natural resource and states that Danze has been working closely with the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and the EPA’s WaterSense program to be able to offer homeowners water-saving faucets.

And although WaterSense guidelines have not yet established a certification for showerheads, Danze has taken the initiative to focus on bringing water-efficiency to this area of the home’s plumbing as well.  Danze recently introduced five water-saving showerheads that can cut water usage in during the average shower by around twenty percent. 

WaterSense is a national program that is focused on educating and promoting water usage and water-efficient products.  Manufacturers must earn the right to display the WaterSense label on their products.  The WaterSense label is a good way for consumers to find products that are water-efficient.

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Low-Flow, High Performance Danze Showerheads

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) says that the average Joe on the street uses around one hundred gallons of water each and every day.   And since much of that water is used for showering, the biggest part of it is going straight down the drain.  Danze, who is known throughout the plumbing industry for their innovative and smart products, recently brought five different low-flow showerheads to the market that homeowners can use to reduce the amount of water that they consume while still enjoying their shower.  These new low-flow showerheads use only one-and-one-half gallons of water per minute, regardless of water pressure.  Here’s the 4-1-1 on these five revolutionary new showerheads that can make a real difference in your efforts to live “green”:

  • 3-Inch Two-Function Massage showerhead.  This Danze showerhead provides the ultimate shower with both massage and spray settings that allow you to adjust the spray to meet your particular preference.  With fifty-four jets, you will feel the weight of the world lift off your shoulders, right in the shower!  The Two-Function Massage is available in oil-rubbed bronze, brushed nickel, and chrome finishes.
  • 4-Inch Lamp Sunflower showerhead.  This showerhead features thirty-six jets and unique styling for a great shower every time.  The Lamp Sunflower model is available in brushed nickel and chrome.
  • 4-Inch Sunflower showerhead.  This relaxing showerhead features thirty rubber jets that are easy to clean and that provide for an amazing shower experience.  The Sunflower showerhead can be found in both brushed nickel and chrome finishes.
  • 4-Inch Victorian showerhead.  This popular Danze showerhead features forty-five jets and traditional styling that is complementary to any bathroom from modern to more traditional styled themes.  You’ll find the Daze Victorian showerhead in beautiful finishes like chrome, antique copper, brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze and distressed nickel.
  • 6-Inch 305 showerhead. Danze’s 305 low-flow showerhead brings the traditional sized and styled showerhead to your home with low-flow technology.  The 305 can be found in oil-rubbed bronze, distressed nickel, distressed bronze, brushed nickel, and chrome.

Danze makes it easy to go green with your home plumbing and save money on your water bill at the same time!

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